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We are a team of potential designers and developers making Websites, Android Apps, Developing Businesses and much more.

About Us


  • It's all started with a dream to make India independent and to address it's every citizen aware of the emerging technologies in a different field. Our potential team took this issue seriously and finally we are here with you to resolve all your technical or business issues by our qualified and experienced team.
  • We firmly believe in quality over quantity and this is exactly what which just separates us from the crowd. All our staff is highly certified with years of experience. Our technical team has finished dozens of projects on different technologies.
  • This is the age internet everything is present online and to be good technically or make your business online can help you and your business to grow fast than before. The development ratio of a nation can be tremendously increased by using the emerging technologies and that's why our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji wants India to understand and use the technologies in everyday life. With the same aim as Narendra Modi Ji, our team is putting all our possible efforts to make India as digital India.
  • Now the question arises, how to digitalise India and that's where we're motivating and helping India to be digital, to use and understand the technologies evolving nowadays. We make Websites, Apps, Business Online and much more to make India stand apart in technology from the crowd of other countries.
  • Being available of many technologies most of us still lag behind when it comes to implementing those technologies and it's not acceptable at all.
    Hence we also provide training on technologies such as Websites, Apps, Business Development and much more. We also offer Workshops and Webinars to introduce our audience to emerging technologies in the digital world.

Why Us 

We're dedicated to make India digital and to bring the technologies to the door and help your business grow.

  • 01We Create Experiences

    We create experiences that are attractive, easy to use. We’re really focused on making products and services that deliver the impact to customer & clients and help their business to grow.

  • We start each project by gaining its solid understanding that will help the user to understand in an easy and effective way, and this strategy helps us to create a solid bond between us and our clients.

  • We take every project as it's a turning point for us and we provide the best services to our clients on time even on budget compared to market rate.

  • Our client goal is our goal and their success is our success.

  • All our designers and developers are certified and experienced. Our potential team contact to clients for a better understanding of the project and provide the best solution. Our products and services are based on quality over quantity.


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Make a call to our technical team in case you have any queries or issues.


Here is a collection of products designed and developed by our potential technical team. All these quality products are delivering their services to our clients.

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Digital हैं

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Digital हैं

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Digital हैं

GYM Web 1


GYM Web 2


GYM Web 3


Salon Web 1

M.M.R Salon


We are a team of experienced designers and developers. All our team members are technically good and have great qualifications. Our potential team deliver high-quality products and services.

Dilip Thakur

Business Developer

I manage the Business at Digital हैं

Mohd Aadil

Back-End Developer

I manage Database at Digital हैं

Mohd Moin

Front-End Developer

I am a Managing Tech Director at Digital हैं

Amit kashyap

Digital Marketing

I am a Digital Marketing at Digital हैं

Mansi Prajapati

Back-End Developer

I handle the Database at Digital हैं

Ravina Gupta

Content Writer

I write Content for Digital हैं

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to address some of the FAQs by our clients.

  • Will social media marketing help my business?

       Social media marketing is the best way for marketing around the internet. Because most of the audience is using social media and it's really easy for marketing. Many Industries and companies are promoting their products by social media marketing and it's easy to generate sales which directly indicates to brand image and their services in the market compared to the others.

  •    It's easy for being accessible to your customers and your clients. Social media is the best way of developing relationships with them and helping them through social media.

  •    Use it to connect and interact with your customer/clients, and to share your services in a way that encourages your customer/clients to share it as well. Facebook is the social media platform of choice for over a billion people worldwide.

  •    YouTube gets over 4 billion views per day. Promote your brand’s product/services through a video. Videos are becoming very important day by day in the world of social media marketing.

  •    The difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium through customer/clients comes to know about the product and services. While traditional marketing uses traditional media like magazines and newspapers, and digital marketing use digital media, such as social media or websites/App.

  •    Yes, You are most welcome to visit our office, or come and spend some time to work with us on your project. Our office address is a ground floor, new building, I.T.S.Engineering college, Greater Noida.

  •    Yes, We do for small charities we built their site free of charge, if possible, or at minimum cost. We will use a reduced rate for large charities as compare to marketing budgets.

  •    Depends on the complexity of the website and how urgently do you want. We always ask our customer/clients how quickly they need their website made. whether it’s urgent and they need it in a week/15days. Not so urgent and they need it in a month and not urgent at all and they need at some point when we are free.

  •    Yes, You will get a business email with your website that you can give to the customer and clients. It's free if you take hosting from us.

  •    Optimizing your website for being seen by others is the best things to do. This comes under a combination of SEO, SEM, and online marketing.


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